Emerging Designer 2015 Winner: Gloria Forehand

CFW_SatRunway-4557_SatRunway CFW_SatRunway-4567_SatRunway CFW_SatRunway-4577_SatRunway CFW_SatRunway-4580_SatRunway CFW_SatRunway-4594_SatRunway CFW_SatRunway-4599_SatRunway CFW_SatRunway-4606_SatRunway CFW_SatRunway-4618_SatRunway CFW_SatRunway-4626_SatRunway CFW_SatRunway-4628_SatRunway CFW_SatRunway-4639_SatRunway CFW_SatRunway-4644_SatRunway

Gloria Forehand was the winner of the 2015 Emerging Designer competition at Charleston Fashion Week. The Korean born designer infused her heritage into every elegantly designed piece giving her collection an authentic point of view.  Eastern sensibility meets American wearability in her fall collection that focused on evening wear.

Photography by Lauren Sykes

Featured Designer: Seam Siren

CFW_SatRunway-4418_SatRunway CFW_SatRunway-4428_SatRunway CFW_SatRunway-4435_SatRunway CFW_SatRunway-4448_SatRunway

Featured designer Mary Wutz of Seam Siren conjured a collection of eco-concious clothing at Charleston Fashion Week. The fabric is made out of Nepalese nettle fibers sourced from an eastern  Himalayan women’s cooperative. Mary’s initiative to support the Kulung tribe of eastern Nepal encompasses her belief in preserving the ancient technique of producing fabric and constructing garments.

Photography by Lauren Sykes

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Charleston Fashion Week Day 5 Streetstyle

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As Charleston Fashion Week draws to a close, some of the best dressed people in Charleston pulled out all of the stops.  The styles ran the gamut from streetwear to party frocks to well suited gentleman. I think we live up to the title of the most attractive people in the U.S. pretty well.

Photography by Clifford Pate

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Featured Designer: Todd Snyder New York

CFW_Fri-3012_FriRunway CFW_Fri-3024_FriRunway CFW_Fri-3030_FriRunway CFW_Fri-3036_FriRunway CFW_Fri-3046_FriRunway

Classic American sportswear was the overall aesthetic for this New York designer Todd Snyder at Charleston Fashion Week.  His namesake collection might be new on the scene but this menswear veteran has held design positions at brands such as The Gap, J.Crew, and Ralph Lauren before launching his own label in 2011.  Todd’s background as a architect major can be seen throughout his collection with clean lines and a focused color palette

Photography by Lauren Sykes

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CFW Emerging Designer: Roy Blake Smith

CFW_Fri-2938_FriRunway CFW_Fri-2951_FriRunway CFW_Fri-2955_FriRunway CFW_Fri-2964_FriRunway CFW_Fri-2971_FriRunway CFW_Fri-2975_FriRunway CFW_Fri-2982_FriRunway CFW_Fri-2992_FriRunway

New Jersey based designer Roy Blake Smith featured his beautifully crafted collection of hand detailed garments at Charleston Fashion Week.  Incorporating couture techniques into his sportswear sensibility, Roy delivered a captivating runway show displaying his diverse designs.

Photography by Lauren Sykes

CFW Emerging Designer: Sarah Ellis Clark

CFW_Fri-2884_FriRunway CFW_Fri-2891_FriRunway CFW_Fri-2900_FriRunway CFW_Fri-2906_FriRunway CFW_Fri-2916_FriRunway CFW_Fri-2920_FriRunway CFW_Fri-2926_FriRunway CFW_Fri-2933_FriRunway

Raleigh, NC based designer Sarah Ellis Clark’s carefully thought out collection at Charleston Fashion Week consisted of beautifully made garments for both men and women. The artisanal quality could be seen in the centuries old process of warping a loom, dying yarn, and weaving.

Photography by Lauren Sykes

CFW Emerging Designer: Sydney Smith

CFW_Fri-2823_FriRunway CFW_Fri-2832_FriRunway CFW_Fri-2838_FriRunway CFW_Fri-2842_FriRunway CFW_Fri-2845_FriRunway CFW_Fri-2852_FriRunway CFW_Fri-2858_FriRunway CFW_Fri-2865_FriRunway CFW_Fri-2873_FriRunway

Raleigh, NC based designer Sydney Smith presented a runway show of refined pieces with a nod to the seventies. Her custom accessories such as leather gloves and bags tied all of the looks together to make a cohesive collection at Charleston Fashion Week.  The star of the show was a hunter green pony skin floor length gown cut to perfection.

Photography by Lauren Sykes

CFW Emerging Designer: Casey Crespo

CFW_Fri-2767_FriRunway CFW_Fri-2775_FriRunway CFW_Fri-2780_FriRunway CFW_Fri-2790_FriRunway CFW_Fri-2796_FriRunway CFW_Fri-2800_FriRunway CFW_Fri-2810_FriRunway CFW_Fri-2815_FriRunway

Wilmington, SC based designer Casey Crespo whipped up a lunar inspired collection with a futuristic undertone.  The cocoon capes paired with second skin leggings were the highlights at Charleston Fashion Week.

Photography by Lauren Sykes

CFW Emerging Designers: Ryan Workman & Daniel Velasco

CFW_Fri-2694_FriRunway CFW_Fri-2701_FriRunway CFW_Fri-2710_FriRunway CFW_Fri-2711_FriRunway CFW_Fri-2719_FriRunway CFW_Fri-2725_FriRunway CFW_Fri-2732_FriRunway CFW_Fri-2740_FriRunway CFW_Fri-2746_FriRunway

Savannah, GA based design duo Ryan Workman & Daniel Velasco teamed up for a runway show full of wearable art at Charleston Fashion Week.  Inspired by street art Daniel paints on fabrics as Ryan constructs the garments making for a one-of-a-kind collection.

Photography by Lauren Sykes

Gwynn’s of Mt. Pleasant

CFW_Fri-2404_FridayRunway CFW_Fri-2408_FridayRunway CFW_Fri-2414_FridayRunway CFW_Fri-2422_FridayRunway CFW_Fri-2426_FridayRunway

Gwynn’s of Mt. Pleasant‘s Miami infused show had you wishing for summer weather and a dance party to wear all the bright fun clothes to. The mix of high end and streetwear proved that this local department store really does offer it all.

Photography by Lauren Sykes

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Mosa Boutique

  CFW_Fri-2308_FridayRunway CFW_Fri-2314_FridayRunway CFW_Fri-2321_FridayRunway CFW_Fri-2328_FridayRunway CFW_Fri-2337_FridayRunway

Local retailer Mosa Boutique’s runway show at Charleston Fashion Week was full of sexy swimwear, boho dresses, and sportswear for men and women.  This upper King boutique pushes fashion forward styles that take you from the office to the party.

Photography by Lauren Sykes

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Charleston Fashion Week Day 4 Streetstyle

CFW_Fri-2071_FriStStyle CFW_Fri-2211_FriStStyle CFW_Fri-2106_FriStStyle CFW_Fri-2118_FriStStyle CFW_Fri-2113_FriStStyle CFW_Fri-2142_FriStStyle CFW_Fri-2148_FriStStyle CFW_Fri-2130_FriStStyle CFW_Fri-2234_FriStStyle CFW_Fri-2226_FriStStyle CFW_Fri-2139_FriStStyle CFW_Fri-2238_FriStStyle

Friday night streetstyle at Charleston Fashion Week was a mix of streetwear, boho chic, and wild styles for the men.  As the temperatures rose, so did the hemlines for the ladies.

Photography by Lauren Sykes

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CFW Emerging Designer: Caroline Hulsey

CFW-1454_ThursRunway CFW-1461_ThursRunway CFW-1465_ThursRunway CFW-1474_ThursRunway CFW-1480_ThursRunway CFW-1485_ThursRunway CFW-1497_ThursRunway CFW-1503_ThursRunway

New York based designer Caroline Hulsey combined storytelling and tradition in her runway show at Charleston Fashion Week.  Utilitarian shapes dominated her collection excluding the hand knit finale dress which stole the show.

Photography by Lauren Sykes

CFW Emerging Designers: Andie Enomoto & Taylor Kaclik

CFW-1383_ThursRunway CFW-1389_ThursRunway CFW-1396_ThursRunway CFW-1402_ThursRunway CFW-1410_ThursRunway CFW-1417_ThursRunway CFW-1426_ThursRunway CFW-1429_ThursRunway

Brooklyn based designers  Andie Enomoto & Taylor Kaclik of Scapes NY delivered a futuristic collection of new shapes and modern fabrics at Charleston Fashion Week. Their show was a conceptual display of contrasting ideas and shapes. Andie & Taylor’s handmade leather accessories were the perfect accents to each ensemble.

Photography by Lauren Sykes

CFW Emerging Designer: Dinah Lightsey

CFW-1305_ThursRunway CFW-1309_ThursRunway CFW-1317_ThursRunway CFW-1319_ThursRunway CFW-1323_ThursRunway CFW-1332_ThursRunway CFW-1335_ThursRunway CFW-1338_ThursRunway CFW-1343_ThursRunway CFW-1349_ThursRunway CFW-1365_ThursRunway

North Agusta, SC based desginer Dinah Lightsey showed a collection of modern swimwear at Charleston Fashion Week. Graphic cutouts and innovative design were the focus at this exciting show.

Photography by Lauren Sykes

CFW Emerging Designer: Gabrielle Mandel

CFW-1226_ThursRunway CFW-1232_ThursRunway CFW-1242_ThursRunway CFW-1251_ThursRunway CFW-1255_ThursRunway CFW-1266_ThursRunway CFW-1270_ThursRunway CFW-1277_ThursRunway CFW-1297_ThursRunway

Pennsylvania based emerging designer Gabrielle Mandel’s  socially conscious collection consisted of custom prints and flowy silhouettes at Charleston Fashion Week.  Every season each print is dedicated to a non-profit and for her fall inspiration and cause it was the Gowanus Canal Conservancy and Urban Tree Connection.

Photography by Lauren Sykes

CFW Emerging Designers: Roxanne Walton & Bernadette Jeudy

CFW-1142_ThursRunway CFW-1150_ThursRunway CFW-1159_ThursRunway CFW-1167_ThursRunway CFW-1174_ThursRunway CFW-1180_ThursRunway CFW-1188_ThursRunway CFW-1200_ThursRunway CFW-1218_ThursRunway

No Charleston Fashion Week is complete without a childrenswear collection, and this one stole the show! Philly and NY based designers Roxanne Walton & Bernadette Jeudy sent their models in mini bespoke looks that would make any man want it in their size.

Photography by Lauren Sykes

Charleston Fashion Week Day 3 Streetstyle

CFW-1071_ThursStStyle CFW-1053_ThursStStyle CFW-0955_ThursStStyle CFW-1079_ThursStStyle CFW-1017_ThursStStyle CFW-0965_ThursStStyle CFW-1024_ThursStStyle CFW-1081_ThursStStyle

The rainy weather didn’t put a damper on the streetstyle at Charleston Fashion Week. Some of Charleston’s most stylish came either dressed for the drizzle or wore some serious color to bring some energy into the evening.

Photography by Lauren Sykes

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Featured Designer: HARBISON

Panache Allstars Houdini Panache Allstars Houdini Panache Allstars Houdini Panache Allstars Houdini Panache Allstars Houdini

NC bred, NYC based featured designer Charles Harbison showed his eclectic collection of womenswear at Charleston Fashion Week.  Menswear influences could be seen in suiting details and sharp tailoring while juxtaposed against a feminine sensibility. Bold shapes and color blocking were the main focus on the runway.

Photography by Lauren Sykes

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CFW Emerging Designer: Christian Caldwell

Panache Allstars Houdini Panache Allstars Houdini Panache Allstars Houdini Panache Allstars Houdini Panache Allstars Houdini Panache Allstars Houdini Panache Allstars Houdini Panache Allstars Houdini Panache Allstars Houdini

Tennessee based emerging designer Christian Caldwell collection mixed sportswear and evening wear on the runway at Charleston Fashion Week. With an urban sensibility each piece stood on it’s own.

Photography by Lauren Sykes

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