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There’s nothing more that I love than to mix a print on print.  Cynthia Rowley always has a great variety of signature prints every season.  She’s also been on a roll with using neoprene fabric, which is really flattering.   The store is always stocked with perfect party dresses and fun pieces that will inject vibrant energy into your closet.

Top, pants, bracelets, and shoes from Cynthia Rowley. Earrings from Haute Hanger,  ring from Harleston.

Photography by Obed Danjoint, makeup by Elina Mille at Bellelina Skincare & Makeup Studio, hair by Mike Mac McAbee

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Copper Feel

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I’m ready for dinner, drinks, and a little disco dancing in this copper sequin dress from Ensemble Consignment Boutique.  This consignment store in James Island really has it all – from vintage, to brand new items from hot labels such as Cynthia Rowley and Theory, to an array of fun cowboy boots.  The wooden sunglasses from WoodRoze are crazy good.  The earrings and cuff are by James Island based designer Kate Davis.  I love her bohemian beachy aesthetic.

Dress by Vince, vintage purse, shoes by 9 West from Ensemble Consignment Boutique.  Sunglasses by WoodRoze from McKevlin’s Surf Shop, earrings and cuff by Kate Davis.

Photography by Tyler Jordan Mansour at Arab Lincoln Photography

Layered in Lemon

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  This Troubadour dress reminds me of a lemon inspired print and is the perfect hue for summer.  The shoes are by Rowen, a local shoe company that designs super cute women’s shoes that have a retro flair.

Cuff by Theodosia Jewelry, v ring by Christina Jervey, sunglasses by See Eyewear, shoes by Rowen from Copper Penny.
Photography by Jonathan Balliet, makeup by Jonny Sherwood, hair by Mike Mac McAbee. Shot at Sugar Bakeshop.

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Seea Later

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I’m in love with this one piece swimsuit by Seea from McKevlin’s Surf Shop on Folly Beach.  You can wear it as a rash guard, swimsuit, or as a top with jeans.  Seea is a California based company that is committed to domestic production and sustainable design.  You can find an extensive selection of Seea and other great product for men’s, women’s, and kids at Mc Kevlin’s.  The necklace is by Two Little Birds, a local designer who sells her handmade accessories at one of my favorite James Island Boutiques, Beba Luxe.

Swimsuit by Seea and sunglasses by Raen from McKevlin’s Surf Shop.  Necklace by Two Little Birds from Beba Luxe.

Photography by Tyler Jordan Mansour at Arab Lincoln Photography

Lula Kate, Bridal Loveliness


Novak GownWagener Skirt

For over 10 years Katherine McDonald of Lula Kate has been designing clothes, and is now a mainstay in the design and retail landscape here in Charleston.  She notes her southern, graceful surroundings of Charleston as her inspiration for her collections. Her bridal collection seems to expand every season, featuring a range of styles from classic, whimsical, to elegant.  Lula Kate is also known locally for her signature silk shantung dresses that can crossover to any occasion from weddings, cocktails, and ladies who lunch.

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Coral Springs

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I love the color of this dress, you really can’t go wrong with coral, it looks good on blondes, red heads, and brunettes.  The dress is from Warren on King, a quaint boutique on lower King St.  They carry easy, girly dresses and a variety of fun accessories.  The towering platform heels are geisha inspired and added an extra 5 inches to my height!

Dress by Muse, clutch and earrings from Warren on King.  Shoes by Jeffrey Campbell from Ooh! Ooh! Shoes.

Photography by Obed Danjoint, makeup by Elina Mille at Bellelina Skincare & Makeup Studio, hair by Mike Mac McAbee, manicure by Ally Francine Ackert at Aram Day Spa and Salon.

Anchors Away





 Anchors away in this skate meets nautical inspired outfit from Cartel Supply Co.  Whether your into street wear or preppy from head to toe, this look crosses over in so many ways.

Henley and shorts by Dark Seas, hat by Obey, sunglasses by Oakley, sneakers by Supra from Cartel Supply Co.

Photography by Jonathan Balliet


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