Bling Ring

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Who doesn’t like a little bling? Whether it’s on a dress, on an arm, or a finger, I love anything that sparkles.  The Cynthia Rowley shop in Charleston just has that cool factor.   I recently went to one of their sample sales, and the selection and deals were crazy good.  The ring is from Harleston which is known for their funky shoes, but they also carry some great jewelry as well.

White Sequin dress, shoes, sunglasses, and bracelets from Cynthia Rowley Charleston.

Photography by Obed Danjoint, makeup by Elina Mille at Bellelina Skincare & Makeup Studio, hair by Mike Mac McAbee, manicure by Ally Francine Ackert at Aram Day Spa and Salon.

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Stripe Tease


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I’m all about this Cali surf brand, Seea that makes this striped top.  It can be easily translated to a post surf look at Folly Beach.  The striped earrings that I found at Ensemble Consignment Boutique were an added bonus.  I love it when I find pieces that were meant to be together, sometimes I can’t resist a matchy matchy moment.

Top by Seea, hat by Rhythm, jean shorts by Lost,  at Mckevlin’s Surf Shop.   Earrings from Ensemble Consignment Boutique.

Photography by Tyler Jordan Mansour at Arab Lincoln Photography

All things BEC by Beth Coiner

PicMonkey asdCollage Screen Shot 2013-07-22 at 8.58.36 PM Screen Shot 2013-07-22 at 8.58.31 PM Photography by Amelia & Dan

The local bespoke jewelry line BEC, is designed by Beth E. Coiner.   Her approach to design is totally client focused so that they get a one of a kind piece that’s tailored to them.  She frequently uses re-purposed materials using the lost wax casting process.  You can see this depth and thought that goes into each one of her handcrafted pieces.

Being raised in a small town on the coast of eastern North Carolina, living in New York City for twelve years as a performance artist and designer and now residing in Charleston, Beth’s textural designs conjure both urban and rural tiny vistas. Whether it’s dry wall paper, honeycombs or bits of lace, her signature style has always been about textures, a combination of both delicate and gritty.

BEC is carried at Worthwhile and online at

PicMonjhkey Collage PicMsadfaonkey CollagePhotography by Gayle Brooker

This performance piece by Beth Coiner incorporates her BEC jewelry throughout the background.  Her conceptual process transcends over many art forms.

Day and Night

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I’m loving this dress with the peplum detail.  It’s perfect for the office, date night, or cocktails with the ladies.  I’m all about versatility and this dress has it all!

Dress by Esley from Warren on King.  Shoes by Joan & David from Ooh! Ooh! Shoes.

Photography by Obed Danjoint, makeup by Elina Mille at Bellelina Skincare & Makeup Studio, hair by Mike Mac McAbee, manicure by Ally Francine Ackert at Aram Day Spa and Salon.

Pleats Please

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I love to get in a little adventure when I shoot on location.  My friend Tyler shot me at the very end of Folly Beach where you can see the Morris Island Lighthouse.  It’s what you would picture the beaches would look like a hundred years ago – trees everywhere, beautiful driftwood washed up on the shore, deserted areas.  I thought this pleated caftan by Cavortress from Ensemble was the perfect thing to wear on this breezy summer day.

Dress by Cavortress from Ensemble Consignment Boutique, all jewelry by Kate Davis Jewelry.

Photography by Tyler Jordan Mansour at Arab Lincoln Photography

Retro Swim

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I love this 2 peice swimsuit by Rhythm at Mckevlin’s Surf Shop.  The high waisted bikini bottoms have really made a come back and I think it’ll be around for a while.  Anna is also wearing all Kate Davis Jewelry, a local designer that finds inspiration from the sea, hence her cool shark’s tooth necklaces that have been an all time favorite.

Bikini by Rhythm and sunglasses by Woordroze at Mckevlin’s Surf Shop.  All jewelry by Kate Davis Jewelry.

Photography by Tyler Jordan Mansour at Arab Lincoln Photography


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The cobalt blue color of this Cynthia Rowley dress is the perfect jolt of color every woman needs in their closet.  Cynthia Rowley has a great mix of clothes made out of this neoprene fabric –  from tops, leggings, skirts, to dresses.  I said before and I’ll say it again, this fabric is super flattering, it’s like wearing spanx!

Dress, clutch and shoes from Cynthia Rowley, necklace from Haute Hanger,  ring from Harleston.

Photography by Obed Danjoint, makeup by Elina Mille at Bellelina Skincare & Makeup Studio, hair by Mike Mac McAbee

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