All things BEC by Beth Coiner

PicMonkey asdCollage Screen Shot 2013-07-22 at 8.58.36 PM Screen Shot 2013-07-22 at 8.58.31 PMPhotography by Amelia & Dan

The local bespoke jewelry line BEC, is designed by Beth E. Coiner.   Her approach to design is totally client focused so that they get a one of a kind piece that’s tailored to them.  She frequently uses re-purposed materials using the lost wax casting process.  You can see this depth and thought that goes into each one of her handcrafted pieces.

Being raised in a small town on the coast of eastern North Carolina, living in New York City for twelve years as a performance artist and designer and now residing in Charleston, Beth’s textural designs conjure both urban and rural tiny vistas. Whether it’s dry wall paper, honeycombs or bits of lace, her signature style has always been about textures, a combination of both delicate and gritty.

BEC is carried at Worthwhile and online at

PicMonjhkey CollagePicMsadfaonkey CollagePhotography by Gayle Brooker

This performance piece by Beth Coiner incorporates her BEC jewelry throughout the background.  Her conceptual process transcends over many art forms.