Candy Shop Fall Showcase

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The Fall Showcase of art and jewelry last Friday night at Candy Shop Vintage was a hit!  Deirdre Zahl’s Cannon Street boutique which is usually stocked full of her designed jewelry mixed with her vintage finds, was accompanied by artwork by Sissy Art, embroidered cocktail napkins by Lettermade, and  fashion illustrations by Daniel Velasco for the Friday night festivities.  As guests sipped cocktails and noshed on cupcakes by Sugar, they patiently waited to get their portrait painted by Daniel Velasco.  It was exciting to see the process as Daniel quickly sketched his subjects and added his watercolor for a whimsy work of art.  If you couldn’t make it to the fun event, you can still shop the fall showcase featuring art, accessories, and my custom greeting cards with Daniel Velasco here.  Sale ends at midnight 10/4/15

Wearing Leo & Sage silk shift dress // Holst + Lee necklace from Beckett Boutique // Derek Lam heels from Shoes on King

Photos by Clifford Pate

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