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  As working mom’s we strive to make that work life balance an everyday goal. Our days are long – sometimes waking up at 4am, coaching our kids tennis matches, and back to work on the computer until 12am.  Some of us are juggling multiples kids schedules with their after school activities, and switching gears to try to look glamorous at work events later in the evening.  I think all moms can agree that being a mom can be the most challenging job in the world but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Today I’m featuring a handful of local working moms who balance a successful career and family life.  Jenny Dennis of Skirt! Magazine is the publisher of the monthly women’s magazine, Erin Kienzle is the co-host of Lowcountry Live, Katherine Hanson is the creator of grip start baby leggings – Moda Baby, Meghan Walker is the founder of Pink Dot Beauty Bar, and Deirdre Zahl is the brains behind the brand Candy Shop Vintage.

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Jenny Dennis of Skirt! Magazine

Erin Kienzle of Lowcountry Live

Katherine Hanson of Moda Baby

Meghan Walker of Pink Dot Beauty Bar

Deirdre Zahl of Candy Shop Vintage

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Photography by Taylor Jarvis of Pale Girl Photography, Makeup by Rebecca Wash at Pink Dot Beauty Bar, Wardrobe from Maris DeHart

Jenny Dennis of Skirt! Magazine

Why do you love being a mom and having a successful career? I have been a mom for 23 years!  That is more than half my life and I honestly can’t imagine what life is like otherwise.  I have always been a working mom and my job at skirt! magazine makes me a better person which translates into every area of my life.  I get to show my daughters what it looks like to go after your dreams, to take care of yourself and to find joy in things outside of your home.  

What’s your favorite mom moment? For me, my favorite mom moment would most definitely be the day each one of my children were born.  Over the years there have been many wonderful memories and milestones but holding each newborn for the first time changed me. Each one of them was and still is so unique and special.  I also have a step son, who I did not meet until he was 4 years old.  I know there are a lot of blended families out there and for some women the experience of giving birth is/was not an option.  Speaking from experience, there is definitive a moment when you realize that the child you have married into, adopted, fostered etc…is a part of you and that can be just as special and amazing!  I truly believe that a mother’s love has no boundaries.

Any style advice for other busy moms out there? I’d like to think I have a pretty good sense of style but as a busy mom of four there are days I’m lucky to find clean underwear!  I think you have to have a well rounded wardrobe; one that accommodates the black tie gala and the softball field.  When I am not at work, I like to be comfortable and very casual.  We are fortunate to have so many amazing retailers in Charleston that offer a wide range of options at a variety of price points which is very important to me.  

Erin Kienzle of Lowcountry Live

Why do you love being a mom and having a successful career? Being a working Mom is the ultimate juggling act, but even on my craziest, toughest days, I remind myself I’m giving my daughters a good example. I have two girls, ages 4 and 6, and I hope I’m showing them you can be successful at a career you LOVE and you can also be a great Mom.  As a TV host, my days start at 4am, and I say I work all morning, and “mom” all afternoon. I go from full hair and makeup at 3pm to helping score a 6 year old tennis match at 4pm.  They know I love what I do, and I think they’re proud of me.  My oldest wants to be a “scientist and a Mom” when she grows up… because “Mommy, you can do both!”   

What’s your favorite mom moment?  I love when I can strip the makeup off, throw my hair in a ponytail, put on my yoga pants and SNUGGLE with my girls.  There’s nothing better than having them curl up next to me and we read a book or watch a movie. 

 Any style advice for other busy moms out there?  Do what makes you feel most confident and comfortable.  Trends come and go, but I truly believe it’s all about how the clothes make you FEEL. Wear whatever makes you feel great!

Katherine Hanson of Moda Baby

Why do you love being a mom and having a successful career?  The act of creation is a very powerful theme in both motherhood and running your own company.  It is very freeing for me to be able to create what kind of home environment I want for my family, to become the kind of mother I want to be for my son, and at the same time create the kind of company and products I want to see exist in this world.  To me, it is the most effective way to create the kind of world I want to live in.  Both motherhood and my livelihood are incredible opportunities that I don’t take lightly, but bring me a lot of joy and are excellent outlets for my creativity. Each one fulfills something in me that enriches the other parts of my life.

What’s your favorite mom moment?  Well if I have to single out a memory it would probably be the moments before leaving the hospital after my son Reese was born.  My husband had gone to get the car, and Reese and I were alone in the hospital room all packed and ready to go.  I was sitting on the bed with him swaddled on my legs, trying to imprint everything about him into my memory, when the most serene feeling came over me.  It was a very real moment of realizing that our lives together were about to begin, and that at some point we are going to have to leave the cocoon of the hospital!  I tried to savor that moment as much as possible – the calm before the “storm”!

Any style advice for other busy moms out there?  Wear what you’re comfortable in and what feels like you, definitely!  For example, I find that I’m always having to straddle my laid-back, surfer girl look with the corporate world: on my days off you’ll find me in a flowy tee with cut off shorts and flip flops, but during the week I have to don a more corporate look.  Knowing that I would be miserable cramming myself into a suit or dress everyday, I have become creative in how I blend the two styles.  I find that my work week “uniform” usually consists of a few great pairs of skinny jeans or tailored slacks that pair nicely with basic tee shirts and a good blazer.  Add some booties or my favorite flats, and a necklace or two, and I’m out the door!  

Meghan Walker of Pink Dot Beauty Bar

Why do you love being a business owner and a mom?  Oh gosh, thats a loaded question!  I thought opening my own business was the most challenging and yet fulfilling thing I had ever done… until I had Ellington!  I love this business so much for lots of reasons but most of all I love helping women to feel better and more confident, and giving them the tools and education to do on their own everyday.  Being on mom on the other hand is the most amazing gift I’ve ever been given.  Her pure joy just puts everything in perspective!

What has been your favorite mom moment?  There really have been so many but my most cherished time is late at night when its just the two of us and our trusty rocking chair! 

Any style advice for other moms out there?  In terms of makeup and skincare, don’t get lazy!  Find products that make your life easier and can be used on the go.  

Deirdre Zahl of Candy Shop Vintage

Why do you love being a business owner and a mom? Particularly since I have a daughter, owning a business as a Mom shows my daughter that there are no boundaries to what you an do professionally and that you can always carve out your own little niche. While my time with her is more limited because I work full time, when I am with her I am very focused and I feel like I have a lot more to offer her creatively because if what I do for a living. Some of my favorite times with her is when she is in the store, helping me stuff shopping bags, playing with jewelry or just drawing next to me. She seems to enjoy coming to see where I work and putting the pieces together that what you love to do naturally can be turned into a business one day – that the boundary between work and life does not have to be so hard and fast.

What has been your favorite mom moment? My favorite Mom moment is still the day she was born. My daughter was a bit of a surprise and also a surprise was how much love I felt for her the second I met her. It was very overwhelming, in a good way.

Any style advice for other moms out there? As a Mom, I think its just important to feel comfortable with whatever you are wearing, whether it is high heels or workout clothes. I don’t think there is a way women should or shouldn’t dress once they become a Mom, in fact I think it sharpens your decision making an personal style decisions because your time is so much more limited. I personally feel better about myself a little dressed up but also have those whatever days when I am still in my pajamas at 6PM and am fine with that!

Why do you love being a business owner and a mom? I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to build a business with a flexible schedule so I can be there for my boys.  I definitely squeeze out every second of the day, sometimes juggling 4 jobs – blogging, styling, contributing to Lowcountry Live, and the most important – being a mom.  They’re finally at an age where they know what mommy does for work, and they have been able to come on set with me for a few of my jobs.  I’m so happy that I can share my work with them and they are genuinely interested in what I do.  It’s important for them to see you can create a job out of your creative skills. Being a mom makes me better at my job and being able to have a job that I love makes me appreciate the time I have with my boys even more.

What has been your favorite mom moment? There are so many!  I have to say starting with the moment I met Mateo and Sebastian for the 1st time.  Bringing life to this world changes you as a person and you can’t believe the overwhelming love and joy that you feel.  I miss those cuddly baby days, but as my boys get older I appreciate how I can connect and bond with them on so many levels.  They’re approaching their 6th and 10th birthday and I am so proud that I helped raise these 2 incredibly sweet, warm, kind, and funny people.

Any style advice for other moms out there? Being a mom doesn’t mean you have to let yourself go, but it also doesn’t mean that you have to feel the pressure of keeping up. Even if your off duty and wearing yoga pants, there are so many options out there to make that Athleisure look put together.  Following trends isn’t necessary to look stylish. It’s about wearing clothes that compliment your body type and style while making you feel good.

I’m so happy I could highlight these incredibly gifted and talented moms along with Alden DeHart of Maris DeHart and Morgan Cole.


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