I’m a huge fan of Germain Dermatology and the groundbreaking services that they offer. I started going to them a few years ago when I had issues with my skin and I love using their custom skincare products and taking advantage of their skin rejuvenating procedures. So when they invited me to try out their new Cryosauna and Cryofacial I was intrigued and had to try it out.


Before I went in for my treatment, the expert on hand – Mel filled me in on all the amazing benefits. Whole Body Cryotherapy is a systemic anti-inflammatory treatment involving skin exposure to ultra-low temperatures for a brief controlled time. When the skin is exposed to those temperatures (-140 to -150 degrees Celsius) the blood vessels then release anti-inflammatory proteins that go to any inflamed area in the body. The treatment is dry and tolerable and lasts for 1.5-3 minutes.  They give you a robe to enter the chamber but you have to strip down to just a pair of gloves, socks, and slippers so your extremities are protected.  I’m a wimp when it comes to cold temperatures so I’m surprised I stood in the chamber for almost 3 minutes! The body also releases endorphins and it boosts your metabolism (burning up to 800 calories over the next 48 hours after one treatment). After one treatment I had a burst of energy that lasted with me the entire day.  I felt both relaxed and ready to tackle my usual hectic schedule.

CV__8040 (1)

Cryotherapy can also help with rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, musculoskeletal injuries, autoimmune and other inflammatory disorder, skin disorders such as dermatitis and psoriasis, skin aging, skin elasticity, and cellulite, athletic performance, weight management, depression, and post surgical recovery.   The cost is $65 and well worth it if you are having any of these issues.

If your a busy person on the go and you want to see fast results, the Cryofacial is where it’s at!  A controlled beam of vaporized liquid nitrogen is used to cool the skin of the face, scalp, and neck area. During these super hot days of 90 + temps, this treatment is a real treat!  The 10-12 minute facial is $45 and is great for pore reduction while collagen production is stimulated.  Because of this the skin tightens and wrinkles are reduced.

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 Toxins in the skin are reduced by increasing blood flow and when treating the scalp: hair growth is stimulated, by increasing blood flow. It also reduces inflammation and puffiness of the skin.  The most visible difference that I saw was my the disappearance of the dark circle under my eyes.  I’ve heard a lot of models pop in to get a Cryofacial right before a photoshoot so their skin can look flawless, and now I see why.  The other great thing is that you can still wear makeup while you get the facial. Perfect if you need to squeeze in a quickie facial in the middle of the day.


  I totally recommend the Cryotherapy treatment if you want to see and feel results.  It’s refreshing and rejuvenating, and totally convenient because Germain takes walk-ins for these treatments.  Now go experience the chill factor and tell them the Curator sent you!

Jumpsuit from 7 Gypsy, necklace by Kate Davis Jewelry

Photography and Videography by Terrence Edwards of Current Visuals

Purchase With a Purpose at Be the Change

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With so many stores opening up at light speed in Charleston it’s hard to keep up with them all.  Be the Change Boutique who recently opened on Lower King is one not to be overlooked. Two best friends Ashley Miller and Ashleigh Hover wanted to open up a retail space that made a difference in the world.  Every single brand that they carry are philanthropic and work with global charities around the world. From providing jobs to former sex-trafficking victims in the Philippines to scholarship opportunities to people living in poverty, the charities are endless.  These are girls are so knowledgable on every brand that they carry and each cause that they stand for, you can’t help buying at least one thing at their shop.


When you walk up to their boutique on the second floor you know your in for a real treat. The beautiful space is filled with stylish clothing for both men and women along with accessories, shoes, home decor, paper products, tech gadgets, and even chocolate. More than a few of their products are signed by the people who made it, giving it a personal connection.  It’s such a good feeling to know where your clothing is coming from and knowing that your purchase is making an impact in their lives.  My other favorite part of the store is the incredible prices.  An average shirt could cost $40 and the jewelry ranges from $20-$60, not bad for shopping local!

0B0A0190 0B0A0321 0B0A0197 0B0A0169

I’m excited to feature them on my next Lowcountry Live segment “Clothing for a Cause” this Friday.  Tune in at 10am to see all the local stores and brands that are giving back while making you look stylish.

View more to learn about Ashley & Ashleigh’s story and how their “Purchase With a Purpose” motto is so infectious.

Synergy Maxi Tank Dress $76, Soko Kito Cross Ring $46, Greenola Badu Horn Studs $27.99, Penh Lenh Tassel Necklace $72, Penh Lenh Wrap $49, Pura Vida Fruit Punch Clutch $32, The Root Collective Izzie Flats $99 all from Be the Change Boutique

Photography by Clifford Pate

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Summer Glow


I probably spend 80% of my day outdoors in the summertime.  From the pool to the beach to the boat, me and my family stay active while beating the heat.  I always protect my skin and my boys by slathering on at least a 50 spf sunscreen, reapplying often, taking shade when we can, wearing hats and sunglasses, and hydrating all day.  Taking all of these precautions are great, but the one thing that most people forget to do is getting their skin checked annually by a dermatologist.  I got my first skin screening at Germain Dermatology a few months ago and thankfully everything went well.   The head-to-toe skin examination can prevent skin cancer as well as detect skin issues before they worsen.  I even went a step further and experienced the Reveal Imager which analyzes the skin’s surface and underlying skin to further evaluate hyperpigmenation, sun damage, textural issues, wrinkles, rosacea, spider veins and more.  A bit scary, but eye opening to see the status of your skin in high definition.  Germain Dermatology designs a treatment plan and skin care regimen specifically for you after your skin is analyzed.  The sun’s rays can be damaging and taking precautions is so important in the summer and all year round.

0B0A8025 0B0A8015 0B0A8031 0B0A8023 0B0A8019

Carmen Dress by ASTR $105 from  7 Gypsy // Tova sunglasses by Blue Planet Eyewear $35.95 from  Henry & Eva // 14k Gold hoop earrings $385, 14k gold 5mm band $275, 14k gold hammered stackable ring $260, 14k gold half round band $200 from Gold Creations // Custom wedding bands by Ash Hoffman // Mustique Cuff $158, Aurora Opal ring $75, Samana Kay ring with coral $156, Mendocino Necklace in bone $168 all by Kate Davis // Lola Cruz sandals $265 from  Shoes on King

Photography by Clifford Pate, on location Holy City Sailing 

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The Spoleto SCENE


It’s hard to believe that Spoleto season is just around the corner.  The performing arts festival heralds the start of summer and outdoor soirees. If you want to be in the know with all the cool parties and discounted tickets, the Spoleto SCENE is the way to go. One of the SCENE parties on June 2nd will be at the newly renovated and ultra hip Restoration Hotel.  The event celebrates the Aakash Odedra Company, an British born Indian dancer who brings traditional Indian dance into the modern world.  Deirdre Zahl of Candy Shop Vintage will be DJing while Cathead Vodka serves up the cocktails.  

0B0A6409 0B0A6432

The big question is what to wear at all of these fabulous events?  With so much variety out there it’s hard to go wrong.  For an outdoor roof party I opted for this long and flowy dress by Mara Hoffman from The Resort Shop at Freshfields Village.  Nothing says the 70’s like these oversized shades from Friedrich’s Optik Charleston.  Statement jewelry is my go to, and I piled it on to complete my look.

0B0A6440 0B0A6441

Style is individual and a form of creative expression.  Spoleto is the perfect place to take a chance and let your artistic side shine in what you wear.


Dress by Mara Hoffman $268, Clutch by Trina Turk $158, and Gold wide ring by Christina Jervey $250 from The Resort Shop at Freshfields Village // Goldbug crest ring by Mini $120 from Croghan’s Jewel Box // Platform wooden heels by Dolce Vita $60 from Shoes on King // Chamberlain Necklace $798 and Bendall Cuff in Blue Turquoise $310 by Addison Weeks // Katherine earrings $255 by Ash Hoffman // Sunglasses by Friedrich’s Optik Charleston

Beauty:  Grand Entrance Mascara by Elizabeth Arden $24 from Beauty Brands‘Beauty Booster’ Tinted Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 20 $75.50, ‘Golden Glow’ Powder Face Color Refill $36.00,  ‘Correct & Brighten’ Pen $40.50, Lip Color in Kisses $28.50 by Trish McEvoy from

Photography by Clifford PateMani & Pedi from The Amethyst Spa at The Restoration HotelOn location The Restoration Hotel

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Short Set

0B0A6462 0B0A6465 0B0A6473 0B0A6460

Woven Jacquard Short $115 and Woven Jacquard Shawl Collar Jacket $132 by Lilla P // Tank top by Bra 30 $37 from Shirtini  // Checkered clutch $67 from Ibu // Shark tooth earrings by Christina Jervey $175 from The Resort Shop at Freshfields Village // Cortesia Pom Pom necklace drop  $85 by Roberta Roller Rabbit at Freshfields Village // Snake bone double strand necklace $195 by Theodosia // Turquoise and diamond bracelet and custom wedding bands by Ash Hoffman // Chrysoprase Cabochon ring  $195 by Christina Jervey // Sunglasses from  Friedrich’s Optik Charleston // “Gena” camel suede gladiators by Sam Edelman $175 from Shoes on King

Beauty:  Grand Entrance Masacara by Elizabeth Arden $24 from Beauty Brands‘Beauty Booster’ Tinted Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 20$75.50, ‘Golden Glow’ Powder Face Color Refill $36.00,  ‘Correct & Brighten’ Pen $40.50, Lip Color in Kisses $28.50 by Trish McEvoy from

Photography by Clifford Pate, On location The Restoration Hotel

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Cape Town

0B0A6515 0B0A6523 0B0A6537 0B0A6529 0B0A6505

“Gizela” dress by Trina Turk $398 from The Resort Shop at Freshfields Village // “Oakley” onyx and gold earrings by Peyton William at Freshfields Village // Beaded clutch by Roberta Roller Rabbit $75 at Freshfields Village // Rosegold Criss Cross Ring $55 from Gold Creations // Custom wedding bands by Ash Hoffman // “Pierced Pyramid” Cuff $225 from Croghan’s Jewel Box // Audrey Sandals by Sam Edelman $100 from Shoes on King

Beauty:  Grand Entrance Mascara by Elizabeth Arden $24 from Beauty Brands‘Beauty Booster’ Tinted Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 20$75.50, ‘Golden Glow’ Powder Face Color Refill $36.00,  ‘Correct & Brighten’ Pen $40.50, Lip Color in Kisses $28.50 by Trish McEvoy from

Photography by Clifford Pate, On location The Restoration Hotel

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Maxed Out

0B0A7790 0B0A7800 0B0A7802 0B0A7809 0B0A7803 0B0A7792

Erin Color Block Maxi by Adelyn Rae $105 from House of Sage // Beaded clutch by Roberta Roller Rabbit $75 at Freshfields Village // Dr. Scholl’s “Warner” wedges $80.99 from // Granulated cuff $425 and gold bracelet by Christina Jervey // Custom wedding bands by Ash Hoffman // Index Finger Tandem Double Ring (Brass) $68, Middle Finger Orb Double Ring (Brass) $68,  Triangle Cuff (Brass) $80, Space Anchor Earrings (Brass) $90 all by Species By The Thousands and “Julia” Sunglasses by KREWE du optic in Matte Black $195 from The Port Mercantile at The Restoration Hotel

Beauty:  ‘High Volume’ Mascara $31.50, ‘Beauty Booster’ Tinted Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 20$75.50, ‘Golden Glow’ Powder Face Color Refill $36.00,  ‘Correct & Brighten’ Pen $40.50, Lip Color in Kisses $28.50 all from

Photography by Clifford Pate

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