Channeling Chanel

trunk show

I got to fulfill my Chanel fantasy finally at The Trunk Show.  This consignment store stocks a full variety of high end clothing and accessories.  If your ever looking for that Louis Vuitton bag from a few seasons ago, they probably have it there for half of the price.

Dress, pearls, and ankle strap heels by Chanel, bag by Louis Vuitton, vintage ring and bracelet at The Trunk Show

Photography by Jonathan Balliet, makeup by Elina Mille using Beauty Addicts eyeshadow palette in Motivate, Lord & Berry eyeshadow in Espionage, Lord & Berry Silk Kajal black eye pencil and Inkglam black liquid liner,  Beauty Addicts blush in Motivate,  Paul & Joe lipstick in Avenue Montagne at Bellelina Skincare & Makeup Studio, Hair by Mike Mac McAbee.


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