Elements of the Season

The candle movement is taking Charleston by storm, and many local brands have launched in the past couple of years.  These chandlers are carving out a niche making soy candles in small batches with signature scents. Element Candles stands out for their luxe modern meets minimal approach to packaging and their distinct scents conjure the essence of a high end perfume.  For me burning a candle isn’t just about making my room smell great, it’s my aromatherapy to get inspired when I’m working in my home office. My favorite candle scents like Wood and Musk invoke the comfort in the winter months because they incorporate notes like fir, mistletoe, pine, balsam, amber, clove, and jasmine.

The benefits of buying locally made candles made in small batches is that they are better for the environment and of course your supporting the local economy. Many big brand candles  emit soot and toxins into the air partly because of their synthetic wicks, but Element Candle’s wicks are made of cherrywood and have a clean burn.

I met the owners Hannah and Joe Hosemann by fate many years ago in a puppy training class, all of us in a very different place in our lives.  Fast forward to 12 years later and I find out that this husband and wife team are the creators of one of my favorite candle lines,  Element.  I asked them a few questions about their business and why they love making candles.

How did you get into the candle business?   With dogs and wood floors we quickly determined that an artificial Christmas tree made more sense.  To get into the holiday spirit, we purchased a few mass market paraffin based candles – only to find that they smelled artificial and caused headaches.  After extensive research on candles and what’s inside of them, we decided to create a more natural and cleaner burning candle solution.  We started out as an unexpected hobby during the holiday season; we gifted the first few batches of candles to friends and family members.  We fell in love with candle making and our friends kept asking for more.  

What inspired the brand name Element?  We knew that we originally wanted to have categorizations of each fragrance. It was an idea that because the periodic table has categorizations for each element the name came up.

Do you make everything in Charleston? Yes, all of our products are made on James Island.

What do you love about being a business owner?  Having the freedom to create and sell products that are loved and appreciated.  As a husband and wife team, it’s incredibly rewarding to get to work together. 

What do you love the most about the holidays?  Decorating the Christmas tree, the Charlie Brown soundtrack, and time with family.

 If your a candle collector like I am and you don’t own an Element Candle yet, you need to add it to the mix.  If your stumped on what you should gift someone this year or what you should bring your host for a party then surprise them with an Element Candle, they will love you for it. Take advantage of their free shipping until December 21st!

Photography by Clifford Pate

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