CFW Emerging Designer: Felicia Barth-Aasen

PicMonkey Collage PicMoasdnkey Collage sdfgPicMonkey Collage PicMonsdfkey Collage Jamie Hopper Photography, Model – Destinee Wilson from Factor Women Atlanta, Makeup by Nat Brown and Hair  by Kyaira Brown.

Charleston Fashion Week is fast approaching and there are so many talents that will be contending for the emerging designers competition.  One of the aspiring designers, Felicia Barth-Aasen of Collective 26 shares her inspirations and conceptual process.  Her ethical American made clothing line embodies a youthful and modern look that echos the 90’s grunge spirit.

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The Great Outdoors

20130508Charleston_Portfolio4926 copy 2 20130508Charleston_Portfolio5009_copy_original

Kiara wears a dress by Library by Lauren Lail, necklace from Out of Hand, hat by Goorin Brothers.  Tyler wears a hat by Goorin Brothers.


Christie wears a dress from Out of Hand and a hat from JLinSnider


Leigh wears a robe by Pete + Greta and necklace from Out of Hand, tank dress by Raquel Allegra from Worthwhile


Colby wears a necklace by Birdsong from One Boutique

20130508Charleston_Portfolio5651_copy_original 20130508Charleston_Portfolio2945_copy_original

Leigh wears a sheer beaded top from Out of Hand, ring by Bahgsu from Seeking Indigo


Allie wears a top by Mind Code from House of Sage and jean shorts by Insight from Las Olas


Marlene wears a zig zag poncho from Las Olas

20130507Charleston_Portfolio2440_copy_originalColby wears a top from Out Of Hand, harmonica necklace from Worthwhile, and hat by Goorin Borthers

This shoot was done off a magical road in James Island near Folly Beach called Sol Legare.  It’s history has been deep rooted with the Civil War, and it’s still common to find old bottles and gun shells from centuries ago.  The overgrown trees and sprawling marshes were the perfect setting for an outdoors lifestyle shoot.

Photographer Peter Zander, assisted by Jonathan Balliet.  Fashion Stylist Andrea Serrano assisted by Madison Miller and Lily Sykora.  Makeup by Elina Mille at Bellelina Studio, Hair by Mike McAbee.  Models – Tyler Mansour, Kiara Fabiola Colon, Allie Dorsey, Chelsie Ravenell, Marlene Scieme Aydlette, Colby Billhardt, Christie Trainer, Leigh Roberts.

Daytime Disco

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Who says you can’t wear sequins in the daytime?  Why wait for nightfall to shine in your favorite sparkly thing?  When you pair it with jean shorts and a sheer kimono top it makes it effortless.

Black kimono top by Sterling Styles from Beba Luxe, gold tube top by Noa and sunglasses from Ensemble Consignment Boutique, shorts by Rhythm from McKevlin’s Surf Shop, rings, earrings, necklace, and cuffs by Kate Davis jewelry.

 Photography by Tyler Jordan Mansour at Arab Lincoln Photography


Lula Kate, Bridal Loveliness


Novak GownWagener Skirt

For over 10 years Katherine McDonald of Lula Kate has been designing clothes, and is now a mainstay in the design and retail landscape here in Charleston.  She notes her southern, graceful surroundings of Charleston as her inspiration for her collections. Her bridal collection seems to expand every season, featuring a range of styles from classic, whimsical, to elegant.  Lula Kate is also known locally for her signature silk shantung dresses that can crossover to any occasion from weddings, cocktails, and ladies who lunch.

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Back in the Day monday

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IhwrG-C7-JBvcUMJkrxKUkhHEEiqikcCWmoOyymDrTU,DjmHdcAqg1Ms1Ak_DXzpAZ5CqHry0qsP4hSbIfo8Do4,nc8-iHvI_WrZJAHUge1v4KvhVlezgllpweimYLZ7nK4 WSe0J2SEcEjm96TnMjcaQZKfAZiuELpUDH0h7ll_yaQ,7Qo6-ykUhYmQ5XgDRB4OKDSGGKlHg0c5pTRBR9fdIjw

When I stopped in local boutique JLinSnider on Upper King Street she was in the process of making these one of a kind shirts from vintage t’s.  Jamie Lin’s boutique is a great mix of her designs, vintage clothes and accessories.  I thought I’d take one the custom t-shirts for a spin along with some bell bottoms from her spring collection.  Right next door to JLinSnider is a new addition to Upper King, King Dusko which is a coffee shop/beer garden.  It was the perfect setting for my outdoor music fest vibe while I strummed on a ukelele from  George’s Pawn Shop.

Photography by Jonathan Balliet, makeup by Jonny Sherwood, hair by Mike Mac McAbee.

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Wild Life




Local designer JLinSnider’s fashion show at the recent Charleston Fashion Week had me gagging!  It was one show stopper after another.  I couldn’t wait to swing by her boutique on Upper King to try on some looks.  When I passed by the Rebekah Jacob Gallery across the street, I knew exactly what I wanted to wear.  Currently they are exhibiting installations from a Savannah based artist Markus Kenney, which is a must see.  He breathes life to taxidermy heads with his vibrant use of color, texture and unconventional materials.  I like to call it “Psychedelic Tribal”.

Dress, cuff, shoes, and custom made headdress from JLinSnider.  Gold V ring by Christina Jervey.

Photography by Jonathan Balliet, makeup by Jonny Sherwood, hair by Mike Mac McAbee.

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Christina Jervey Jewelry Spring 2013


Check out the latest look book for local jewelry designer Christina Jervey.  Her handmade jewelry is both impressive and unique.  The textures and organic shapes that she creates can crossover over many styles, from rock n’ roll to bohemian, all with a modern edge.

Photography by Jonathan Balliet, styling by Andrea Serrano, makeup by Elina Mille at Bellelina Skincare & Makeup Studio, Hair by Erika Syphrett, model Leigh Roberts at Tout Talent.

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