Mossy Mood


Crochet sweater $36 from  Sassy Shortcake  PH: 843-469-7145 // Tank top by Rosemund $34, and cuff by Made from V2V Charleston PH: 843-723-5155 // Jeans by J Brand $242 from Luna Charleston  PH: 843-853-5862 //  Vermeil & jade earrings $145, Druzy ring with vermeil with Quartz druzy $120, Square ring vermeil with Quartz stone $110 by Heather Key Tiller of Filigree // Mailea booties by Cynthia Vincent $370 from Shoes on King  PH: 843-718-2190 // Lip 2 Cheek blush and lipstick in Diabolique by RMS Beauty 

Photography by Libby Williams, Makeup by Hailey Gibbs, shot on location at Daffodil Cottages on Folly Beach