A Dandy Affair


Last Saturday night was a lovely evening of fashion, art, sweet treats, and great company at the Dandy Boutique event.  When Holly the owner of Dandy asked me to style her fall fashion show at Ro Sham Beaux I jumped at the opportunity. I love the whimsical, retro inspired clothes and accessories she stocks in her downtown shop and working with her has been a dream.  The modern and chic lifestyle store Ro Sham Beaux on Broad was the perfect setting for the event.


With the talented and incredibly sweet Holly McGetrick of Dandy Boutique.

Dandy_FashionShow-70 Dandy_FashionShow-79 Dandy_FashionShow-81Dandy_FashionShow-91Dandy_FashionShow-112Dandy_FashionShow-106Dandy_FashionShow-74 Dandy_FashionShow-87 Dandy_FashionShow-98 Dandy_FashionShow-161

I had a ball styling all of these beautiful ladies.  So grateful for the beauty squad that glammed up the girls – Rebekah of Lure & Ravish & Elina of Bellelina Studio for the makeup and Stella Nova West Ashley for the gorgeous hair.  Thank you Allie Newman, Mikal Davis,  Molly Rhyne,  Jessica Pfeiffer,  Nashonda Hunter, Brandi Bynum,  Taylor Avery, Parker Bellingham, Blaine Eads, Chelsea Rampersant, Amanda Lougee for letting me play dress up with you!


One of my favorite people, fashion illustrator Daniel Velasco came back into town to grace us with talents again.  People lined up to get their portraits painted by Daniel as he banged out over 20 paintings in under 3 hours!  Even my son Mateo stood frozen in his pose for 5 minutes while Daniel whipped up a dashing version of him.


One of my favorite parts of this event was the great mix of guests we had.  From babies to grandmas’ everyone had a blast.  Blogger momma Tara Langdale of Northern Lights Southern Belles always has the best accessories, including her baby Maverick.  This little man was the most well behaved guest at the party.


Pure Fluff Cotton Candy Co kept the guests happy with their organic flavored pumpkin spice and sugar cookie flavors.  I think my boys Sebastian and Mateo overdosed on them, sneaking outside for seconds and thirds.

Dandy_FashionShow-175 Dandy_FashionShow-196 Dandy_FashionShow-171Dandy_FashionShow-183Dandy_FashionShow-167

The gorgeous models off duty.


Thank you to Jonatan and Deja for helping me get the models dressed backstage!


Snagging a picture with the gorgeous guests.  Front row: Venita Aspen  worked so hard coordinating all of the models for the fashion show. Second row, left to right: Holly of Dandy, Alden Haviland of Rutledge Social and manager of Ro Sham Beaux who graciously hosted the party, Rebecca Wash of Pink Dot Beauty, Jeanne Everett of 7 Gypsy.  Third row: Elina Mille of Bellelina Studio, Tara Langdale of Northern Lights Southern Belles, Louis of  The Bowtie Gentleman, Shree Summerlin of Porcelain Shree, Kate Soffner of Fashionately in Love


Allie Newman, the face of Dandy’s fall campaign posing with the talented makeup artist Rebekah of Lure & Ravish and my lil’ man Mateo.  Someone has a thing for pretty ladies.

For behind the scenes photos and more fun pics by Alan Marts Photography from the party view more.

Dandy_FashionShow-8 Dandy_FashionShow-10 Dandy_FashionShow-15 Dandy_FashionShow-19 Dandy_FashionShow-20Dandy_FashionShow-121Dandy_FashionShow-116Dandy_FashionShow-117Dandy_FashionShow-5Dandy_FashionShow-34Dandy_FashionShow-7Dandy_FashionShow-29Dandy_FashionShow-33Dandy_FashionShow-4Dandy_FashionShow-39Dandy_FashionShow-46Dandy_FashionShow-49Dandy_FashionShow-50Dandy_FashionShow-64Dandy_FashionShow-194Dandy_FashionShow-140Dandy_FashionShow-108Dandy_FashionShow-105Dandy_FashionShow-104Dandy_FashionShow-102Dandy_FashionShow-97Dandy_FashionShow-93Dandy_FashionShow-77Dandy_FashionShow-73Dandy_FashionShow-157Dandy_FashionShow-158Dandy_FashionShow-173Dandy_FashionShow-66Dandy_FashionShow-120Dandy_FashionShow-122Dandy_FashionShow-168Dandy_FashionShow-182Dandy_FashionShow-191PnftHW8f79dCvu6Wa7ehaMUL5h0233UKpewl2L6fHv4Dandy_FashionShow-199

A Dandy Affair