Boardwalk Days


Staying at Wild Dunes felt like we were staying at a mini island city.  When you walk out of the Boardwalk Inn onto the boardwalk, pastel hued townhouses line up on either side giving it that quintessential coastal feel. Conveniently placed is Duney’s the ice cream shop, which was a hit with the kids and also us adults.  After soaking up some rays and swimming in the pool, ice cream was just what we needed.

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The part that I loved the most was walking onto the beach, just steps away from the Grand Pavilion pools.  To maximize your relaxation level you can rent an umbrella and chair for the day.  It takes the schlepping element out of packing up for the beach.  They also have a shower which is always nice to wash off that sticky salt water before you head back to the beach bar to sip on some frozen drinks.

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Kairavi embroidered tunic $55 from ibu // Denim shorts by DL1961 $45 from 7 Gypsy // Amador Sunglasses by Blue Planet Eyewear $49.95 from Henry & Eva // Aquamarine beaded “paz” necklace  by  Ash Hoffman // Gold stick earrings $75 by Christina Jervey 

On Sebastian: Kids boxer waist swimsuit $20.36, On Mateo: Kids classic waist shorts $33.96 by Surania

Photography by Libby Williams

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