Dandy Boutique Fall


Celine’s Chime Plaid Skirt: $70 by Alice’s Pig, Belted Jacket: $122 by Louie et Lucie, Polka Dot Hose: $26 Louie et Lucie, Quilted black gloves: $52 Louie et Lucie, Red Leather Satchel: $195 Jesslyn Blake, Peggy Heel: $74 B.A.I.T., Camel Fedora Hat: $56 San Diego Hat Co. all from Dandy Boutique


Sena’s Seoul Midi Skirt: $95 by Alices Pig, A touch of heaven tank: $60 by Traffic People, Ribbon Hose: $16 by Tabbi socks, Violet Pumps: $56 by B.A.I.T., Black Beret: $12 Louie et Lucie, We’re all a little mad here Watch Necklace: $24.00 OHF all from Dandy Boutique

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Garnet Fedora: $58 by San Diego Hat Co., Frankie Beagle Sweater: $56 Sugarhill Boutique, Willette Duster: $88 Sugarhill Boutique, Over the Knee Socks: $20 by Tabbisocks, Peggy Platform Heel: $74 by B.A.I.T., Skirt: $42 by VM Online, Red Leather Satchel: Jesslyn Blake $195 all from Dandy Boutique

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Daydreamer Sweater: $48 by Poppy Lux, Nana’s Love Hepburn Skirt: $86 by Traffic People, Black Beret: $12 Louie et Lucie, Pink Hose:  $16 Tabbisocks, Peggy Heel: $74 by B.A.I.T., Ovo Ring: $20 Wild Air and Co. all from Dandy Boutique

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Blue beret: San Diego Hat Co. $39, Winter Wonders Skirt: $68 Louie et Lucie, Burgundy Knee Socks: $20 Tabbisocks, Glenda Polo: Sugarhill Boutique $56, Crossbody Purse: $65 Nila Anthony, Harlan Heel: $56 B.A.I.T., Brown Watch: $18 OHF, Vintage Button Ring: $20 JK Designs, Crescent Necklace: $42 Thistle & Thatch all from Dandy Boutique


Plaid Dress: $62 VM Online, London Purse: $68 Nila Anthony, Grey Socks: $20 Tabbisocks, Peggy Heel: $74 B.A.I.T., Red Beret: $12 Louie et Lucie all from Dandy Boutique

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Diner Dress: $88 Louie et Lucie, Black Beret: $12 Louie et Lucie, Purrrfect Time of Day Watch: $18 OHF, Polka Dot Hose: $26 Louie et Lucie, We’re all a little mad here Watch Necklace: $24.00 OHF, Hippy Heel: $72 B.A.I.T. all from Dandy Boutique

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Ribbon Hose: $16 by Tabbi socks, Violet Pumps: $56 by B.A.I.T., Black Beret: $12 Louie et Lucie, Bia’s Bib Skirt: $86 Alice’s Pig, Jeminina’s Owl Blouse: $52 Sugarhill Boutique all from Dandy Boutique

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Curious Chevron Shift Dress: $68 Traffic People, Burgundy Cross Body Purse: $65 Nila Anthony, Over the Knee Socks: $20 Tabbisocks, Heiress Heel: $56 B.A.I.T., Navy Beret: $39 San Diego Hat Co. all from Dandy Boutique


Dear Creatures High Waisted Denim Jeans: $85, Camel Fedora Hat: $56 San Diego Hat Co., Nora Fluffy Sweater: $54 Sugarhill Boutique, Winter Wonders Wrap Gilet: $120, Remmy Heels: $72 B.A.I.T., Aveo Ring $42 Wild Air & Co. all from Dandy Boutique

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Peggy Heel: $74 B.A.I.T., Camel Fedora Hat: $56 San Diego Hat Co., Navy Blouse: $42 VM Online, Isabella Jacket: $122 Louie et Lucie, Olivia Skirt: $68 Louie et Lucie, Olive Satchel Purse: $74 Jesslyn Blake all from Dandy Boutique

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Navy Beret: $39 San Diego Hat Co., Dear Creatures High Waisted Denim Jeans: $85, Alberta Flats: $48 Loly in the Sky, Stefanie’s Stitch Open Coat: $152 Alice’s Pig, Nana’s Love Hold Me Top: $56 Traffic People, We’re all a little mad here Watch Necklace: $24.00 OHF all from Dandy Boutique

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Shelby Dress: $88 Dear Creatures, Navy Knee High Socks: $20 Tabbisocks, Remmy Heels: $72 B.A.I.T., Navy beret: $39 San Diego Hat Co., Brown Watch: $18 OHF, Vintage button ring: $20 JK Designs all from Dandy Boutique


Black beret: $12 Louie et Lucie, Dorthys Darts Dress: $116 Alice’s Pig, Ribbon Hose: $16 Tabbisocks, Peggy Heel: $74 B.A.I.T., Vintage Button Ring: $20 JK Designs all from Dandy Boutique


The fall look book for Dandy Boutique is a story of wanderlust and a young woman seeking adventure in unexpected places.  The clothing and accessories at Dandy always has a vintage sensibility and their fall collections represent a variety of styles that will keep you warm and stylish through the chilly months.

Join Dandy Boutique for a Fall Fashion Show this Saturday featuring the “Wes Anderson” inspired looks featured in this look book.  The festivities will start at 5pm at Ro Sham Beaux  on 39 Broad St, with the runway show starting at 6:30pm and party ending at 8pm.  Enjoy organic Pumpkin Spice flavored Cotton Candy by Pure Fluff Co. and have your portrait painted by Fashion Illustrator Daniel Velasco.

Photographer: Jonathan Balliet, Model:  Allie Newman at Directions USAStylist: Andrea Serrano assisted by Quinton Stewart, Makeup: Rebekah Ellie,  Hairstylist: Kalena Doo at Stella Nova Charleston, shot on location at The Royal American, all clothing by Dandy Boutique


Mila Camo Jacquard Dress: $68 Sugarhill Boutique, Ribbon Hose: $16 by Tabbisocks, Leopard belt: $28 By Louie et Lucie, Violet Berry Pumps: $56 by B.A.I.T., Puurrfect Time of Day Cat Watch: $18 by OHF, Black Beret: $12 by Louie et Lucie all from Dandy Boutique

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Dandy Boutique Fall