Dream Closet

Obed Danjoint_63



Do you know that some of the most charming boutiques in Charleston are off the beaten path?  Sam’s Closet is one of the many gems in this city.  Whenever I go in there, I see so many things that I love.  You’ll either be welcomed by Bradshaw Sam’s dog, or one of the friendly girls behind the counter.

Top by Annie Griffin, shorts by Level 99, hat by Eugenia Kim, purse by Street Level, shoes by Matt Bernson from Sam’s Closet.  Sunglasses from See.

Photography by Obed Danjoint, makeup by Elina Mille using Lord & Berry Intensity lipstick in Red and 20100 Lip Crayon in Fire from Bellelina Skincare & Makeup Studio, hair by Mike Mac McAbee.