Plante Clothing Fall 2015

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The Plante sisters have done it again for fall.  Leah and Rebecca Plante are Charleston natives who left their hometown to pursue their dreams, yet to return as the winning emerging designers at Charleston Fashion Week in 2014.  Under their namesake line Plante Clothing, the sisters debuted their fall 2015 line as featured designers at Charleston Fashion Week this past March.  Using only natural fibers for their fabrics and designs that have a one of a kind aesthetic, their fall collection exudes modern femininity.  View more to find out what inspires them, their process, and life after Charleston Fashion Week

Photography by Margaret Brinson, model – Allie Newman, hair and makeup by Lash Allen at Elysium Salon


What was your inspiration for this collection?
We really wanted the pieces of this collection to have a special, “one of a kind” heirloom quality, so we focused a lot on the cyanotype printing method that you see in the bright blue pieces. We made them by dyeing the silk fabric with a special solution. The wet fabric was laid out in the sun to process and real flowers were arranged on the surface. After the fabric “developed”, like a photograph would, it turned vibrant blue and left a white negative print were the flowers were!

We loved the softness this natural method gave the images, and we were inspired by the idea of layered transparency, a feature that is very evident in this sun- dyed floral prints and across our fabrics.

The rest of the collection was built around these prints, made for a girl who loves novelty and values unique but wearable garments. Our line is perfect for the girl who wants something different but still wants to look pretty, graceful, and at ease.


What are the main fabrics you used?
Silk! We used a lot of silk crepe de chine and chiffon, and accented the line with a textured organic cotton from Italy. We only use natural fibers, and everything is sourced here in New York’s garment district.


Where did you shoot this beautiful look book?
We shot the look book in and around our friend Connor’s house in downtown Charleston.


Where did you find that amazing car?
While we picked our location for it’s garden nooks, beautiful fauna, and charming architecture so common to  downtown Charleston, we were thrilled to discover this little vintage car in Connor’s driveway. It’s perfect for the Plante girl! He’s an automotive enthusiast and it was in his collection. Apparently it can still be driven!


Are both of you in Brooklyn now?
Actually, Rebecca is living in Austin, TX and Leah is in Manhattan. We travel very frequently to work on the line; we are all over the place!


How has life been after winning Charleston Fashion Week last year?
Fantastic! CFW was an amazing experience that gave our line such a huge boost in the right direction. We were able to network with some really amazing fellow designers and industry mentors, most of which we keep in touch with and continue to learn from!

Since last spring, we’ve started exhibiting the line at trade shows and Plante is now carried in stores around the country. We even have a celeb fan– Kristin Wiig bought a pair of our shorts!

We are still a very small brand and are eager to continue to expand, but the growth we have experienced in the past twelve months has exceeded our highest expectations. It’s been an incredibly exciting year!



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