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 As most Charleston kids start their 1st back day at school, us adults might be reminded of our childhood and happy memories of our carefree days.   It’s always good to take a break from our hectic days to stop and smell the flowers and look at the beautiful place we live in.  These pictures were taken in one of my favorite places, the Old Village in Mt. Pleasant or as I call it “Pleasantville” because of it’s picture perfect beauty.

Top by Ark & Co., shorts by C. Luce, shoes by Dolce Vita, cuff by Lavish by Tricia Milaneze all from Out of Hand.  Sunglasses by See Eyewear.

Photography by Jonathan Balliet, makeup by Elina Mille at Bellelina Skincare & Makeup Studio, hair by Charlotte Belk at Elysium Salon and The Elysium Agency.





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