One Love


True love is not bound by skin color, gender, beliefs, or background.  These two beauties, Abigail Marie (right) and Natalie Rodriguez (left,) are madly in love with each other and are proud to share it with the world. Both creative souls, these women share their passion for life and never take for granted the endearing love that they have found.


They are the perfect symbols of love to represent this bridal story.  Wearing one of a kind gowns by One Love Design by Rachel Gordon, these ethereal goddesses happily posed in front of Southern Smoke Cigars super swanky airstream at Holy City Brewing Company.


To learn more about Abigail and Natalie’s story and admiration for one another view more.


Dresses by One Love Design by Rachel Gordon // Earrings and draped beaded chain by Birdsong // Floral crown by Anna Bella Florals

Host and Floral: The Event Cooperative, Photography: Nickie Cutrona, Fashion Stylist: Andrea Serrano,  Hairstylist: Mac Does Hair, Makeup: Bellelina Skincare and Makeup Studio, Location: Holy City Brewing Company, Airstream by Southern Smoke Cigars


Abigail: Natalie and I met in May 2014 through our mutual friend John Barnhardt. At that time John continually and admittedly developed crushes for gay women, in the way that lesbians fall for straight women. Natalie and I were among those women. John began to talk to me about Natalie “She is a sexy, badass chef, she also skateboards and she’s into art like you!” and to Natalie about me, “You have got to meet my friend Abi, she’s this hot photographer who pole-dances”, but then he’d jokingly say , “You can’t meet, you guys would fall in love and I’d be heartbroken because I’m in love with both of you”. Finally he introduced us over drinks at EVO in Park Circle. We hit it off immediately. I was mesmerized by her dimples and wit and she later told me she “got lost in my green eyes.” For some unknown reason we failed to exchange numbers that night and that led to a summer of missed encounters. I persuaded John to invite her along whenever we got together, I invited her to my art exhibit but complications in her life kept her from attending. Later she told me that she did show up to a pride event that I was part of in hopes of seeing me but it was late and I had already left. Autumn 2014 brought us together when we serendipitously found ourselves at the same place and our eyes met across the bar.


Natalie: I finally got her number and took her on our first date one week later and we have been together ever since. I have thanked John several times for that well deserved meet and greet. I love Abigail because she knows no negative judgment. She has this gentile soul and has taught me the art of admiration for another human being at its core. She is truly free and knows who she is which allows her to love me in ways I’ve never had the privilege of experiencing. She takes great pride in her work as a photographer and also in her pastimes as a painter, crafter, and dancer. Because of her, I have learned to love and appreciate myself at such an exponential level. She shows me every single day how important I am to her and how beautiful life is. With her, I walk down the street with my hand in her hand and I forget that I am a lesbian. I forget that I am a social stigma and that we are still fighting daily to gain respect and rights to be who we are. I only see how awesome my life is and how honored I am to be holding the hand of the person I want to spend the rest of my life with. It took me 27 years to get to that point; to feel no hesitations in who I want to be, and then I met her. It has been the greatest gift.


Abigail: I hadn’t experienced a love that was so truly equal and reciprocated until I fell for Natalie and she for me. Being in love with her is a unique, profound and beautiful experience. I love so many things about her; the sound effects she makes when she tells a story, her passion for all things food, her sense of humor that has me laughing hysterically, her open mind and creative approach to life. Truth be told, I still have a crush on her. She is an incredible human being and I’m honored to have her love.






One Love