Boat Life with Holy City Sailing


Taking a boat ride on the waters of Charleston and the surrounding areas is one of the most serene getaways you can have.  I had the pleasure of experiencing one of my favorite rides to date on the Holy City Sailing sailboat with Captain Stewart.  Specializing in private luxury charters leaving the Bohicket Marina in Kiawah, we had a taste of the good life.  The Captain knows these waters well and took us on a sunset cruise as we took in pristine marshes, deserted islands, and dolphins that jumped out of the water as if they were showing off for us.    The comfortable cabin has 2 beds, a bathroom, mini kitchen, and lounging area with a table to dine on.  I heard Captain Stewart also does overnight stays if you really want to experience life on the water.  The sail was truly magical and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for an escape with their loved one or a private party with their best friends.

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White top by Flutter by Dance & Marvel $46 and floral skirt by Flying Tomato $58 from House of Sage // Red bikini top by Eres $520 from Bits of Lace // Python sandals $189 by Taxidermy // Padang Crescent necklace $108, Anguilla custom opal ring $178, Beqa shark tooth cuff $145, Cowrie shell cuff $142 by Kate Davis // 14k Gold hoop earrings $385, 14k gold 5mm band $275, 14k gold hammered stackable ring $260, 14k gold half round band $200 from Gold Creations // Custom wedding bands by Ash Hoffman // Amador Sunglasses by Blue Planet Eyewear $49.95 from Henry & Eva

On Amanda: Riviera Maya Maxi by Raga $123,  White Sands Necklace by Heather Kahn Jewelry $62, Floppy Hat by San Diego Hat Company $62, Flip Flops in Sunkissed by TKEES $50 all from 7 Gypsy

Photography by Clifford Pate, on location Holy City Sailing 

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Our seaworthy Captain Stewart

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My partner in crime Amanda Gosnell of 7 Gypsy in our makeshift dressing room.


Clifford Pate our photographer who captures it all with a smile.0B0A7889

Cliff’s awesome fiance Lauren Miller who frequently contributes to our shoots as the art director/style assistant.









Boat Life with Holy City Sailing