Day 1 Backstage at CFW with JBalliet


Backstage at Charleston Fashion Week was bustling with action, and I love seeing the process of everything.  As the models get prepped by team ABP (lead hair and makeup artist Ashley Brooke Perryman), designers are doing last minute adjustments on their collections, and store owners are sizing up each look to perfection.

Photography by Jonathan Balliet


With the fashion panel judges Tanya Sheikh & Ivan Gilkes of In Support Of, Founder of Charleston Fashion Week Ayoka Lucas,  Raul Arevalo & Brad Schmidt of Cadet, Lindsey Carter of Troubadour

jballiet-5134jballiet-5042jballiet-5017 jballiet-5054 jballiet-5066 jballiet-5143

Last looks with the emerging designers

jballiet-5174 jballiet-5195

A lustworthy Taxidermy python bag

jballiet-5239jballiet-5411 jballiet-5241

Ruth and Mckenzie of Bits of Lace


Michelle of Trés Carmen making her entrance after her runway show

jballiet-5251-2 jballiet-5283jballiet-5302

Looks from emerging designer Destani Hoffmanjballiet-5286

Founder of Charleston Fashion Week Ayoka Lucas

jballiet-4931jballiet-5169jballiet-5348 jballiet-5362 jballiet-5417 jballiet-5172jballiet-5512jballiet-5502

Susan Walker of Ibu ecstatic about her successful 1st fashion week runway show.

jballiet-5584 jballiet-5587 jballiet-5621

Looks from emerging designer Elias Gurrola

jballiet-5632 jballiet-5690jballiet-5835jballiet-5846

Boho babes at 7 Gypsy


Emerging designers Storm Dorris,  Destani Hoffman, JD Noble, and Elias Gurrola


Tuesday’s Emerging Designer winner Destani Hoffman












Day 1 Backstage at CFW with JBalliet