day 2 backstage at cfw with jballiet


Being a judge for the emerging designer competition is the highlight of Charleston Fashion Week for me. Getting the opportunity to meet with each designer gives a more clear point of view on what they’re trying to express in their collection. Listening to their story and analyzing each look is a huge part of the process.  It’s always an honor to do this alongside esteemed fashion insiders.  For the 5th year fashion veteran Fern Mallis is back, her experience and advice are immeasurable.  She launched New York Fashion Week and is currently promoting her book Fashion Lives in which she interviewed some of America’s iconic designers and industry influencers.

The 2016 fashion panel judges Brad Schmidt & Raul Arevalo of Cadet, Fern Mallis, Founder of Charleston Fashion Week Ayoka Lucas,  Tanya Sheikh & Ivan Gilkes of In Support Of, and Lindsey Carter of Troubadour.

Photography by Jonathan Balliet

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Modern & chic vibes at  Mosaic

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The adorable girls from the Kelsey Kawamoto show.


Charleston Mag’s March cover model, Christina Zapolski wearing Troubadour


Charleston Magazine’s Editor-in-chief, Darcy Shankland

jballiet-6121 jballiet-6150

Pure fantasy at Ricky Lindsay

jballiet-6342 jballiet-6362

Bold makeup for the Michael Mack show

jballiet-6377 jballiet-6384

Sweet and sexy at the MOSA Boutique show


Minimal, clean lines at Charles Morgan

jballiet-6493 jballiet-6549 jballiet-6575

Last minute touches at Cadet

jballiet-6556 jballiet-6641






day 2 backstage at cfw with jballiet