Life in the Culinary Village

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The 11th annual Charleston Wine and Food Festival proved to be action packed with a plethora of drinks, food, shopping, and stylish men.  Yes, other than drinking yourself into oblivion and stuffing your face there was some fun shopping and men who had some great personal style.  I teamed up with Charleston Grit and fellow blogger Venita Aspen to see what the Culinary Village had to offer.

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Venita Aspen and I had just come from an amazing 13 course brunch at The Obstinate Daughter, so we were pretty stuffed when we arrived at the Culinary Village.  Opting out of being a part of the drink fest, we decided to just take it all in by people watching and perusing the Artisan Market.

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Some of my favorite local companies like The Commons, Y’allsome, Brackish Bow Ties, and the Old Whaling Company set up shop in the market.  Who wouldn’t want to take a piece of the festival home with them to remember their weekend of living it up? View more to find out about the vendors at the Artisan Market, street style, and highlights of the Culinary Village.

Photography by Libby Williams

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April Lee, the owner of local company Old Whaling Company, handcrafts her sweet smelling soaps, scrubs, and shea butters with sea inspired scents and ingredients.

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Erin Connelly, co-owner of The Commons, stocks her American made home goods store on Broad Street with the most unique items.  Their aesthetic might be more Northwestern modern than Southern traditional, but their products and shop has been well received by both locals and visitors.

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Craig and Megan of  Y’allsome show their roots and love for the south on their witty t-shirts and prints.  Craig is a graphic designer and comes from the world of advertising, Megan his wife comes from the world of fashion as a personal stylist at The Well Coiffed Closet.  Both grew up in the south and moved onto bigger cities like New York and L.A., and now currently residing in Nashville.  These do-gooders don’t just make cool merchandise, they give back to the community.  15% of their profits go to Adoption Discovery and Heart Galleries which support foster kids in the south.  They made their biggest mark in Charleston last year with the “Hate Will Not Sink a City That Loves” print they made in honor of the Mother Emanuel tragedy, while donating all the profits to the Hope fund.

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Ben and Jeff of Brackish Bow Ties are all about one-of-a-kind bow ties made from feathers from local birds.   Their line has expanded to cummerbunds and lapel pins made by 50 artisans and production assistants.   Peacocks, pheasants, turkeys, and guineas are just some of the birds that they use to create their unique, wearable works of art.

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With PR queen Angharad Chester-Jones,  fashion and food blogger Venita Aspen, and Kirk Chambers of Brothers & Craft and his lovely wife Bradley.

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Sean Brock of McCrady’s, Husk, and Minero giving some insight into the industry.

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With the ladies of The Local Palate, Laura Staiano and Jennifer Hitchcock.

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Chargrilled Cauliflower?  Yes, I’ll take it!

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Men about town, Boomer and Jonah of The Becket Agency.

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No, me and Venita and I didn’t coordinate our matching trench coat, jean, and bag outfits, just great minds think alike!  I’m wearing a trench coat from Dandy Boutique, T-shirt from The Bad Bitches, jeans from House of Sage, boots by Corso Como, Glasses by SEE, and bag from Zara.

Life in the Culinary Village