Mosa Boutique


The Upper King Street area is infamously known for it’s densely populated bars and restaurants, but that’s quickly changing.  A handful of local shops have opened up in the past year including the most recent one – Mosa Boutique. When you walk into this clean, modern space your greeted warmly by friendly people and quickly consumed by the exciting merchandise everywhere.  This trend conscious boutique carries brands and represents a look that can be found in bigger, urban cities.  Founder of Mosa, Sarah Cobb is thrilled to bring new brands to Charleston and outfit both men and women.  Her new concept boutique combines fashion and lifestyle by offering a mini bar where you can start a tab while you shop or just kick one back while you enjoy one of their in store events. View more to learn more about Sarah’s inspiration to open up her store and what she loves about living in Charleston.

Photography by Jonathan Balliet


How has working at Abercrombie & Fitch prepared you for opening your own store?  I was able to work in all aspects of running a fast paced, million dollar business, from working at the store level, as well as the corporate side.

Have you always wanted to have your own store?  I have wanted to own my own store for as long as I can remember!  It seemed like a scary and daunting task until I worked my way up in the industry for over 10 years and became familiar with the process.

What inspired you to name your boutique after the Mimosa tree?  The mimosa tree is a beautiful blooming tree grown in this region.  It made the perfect logo for a brand that carries women and men’s, and was also appropriate in a name because of our selling mimosas.


How did you pick the area of Upper King to open your store?  Upper King has become a great area for superior dining options, casual watering holes, and is intermixed with eclectic shops and art studios.  It is where I was spending most of my time downtown and thought it would parallel the target market we were looking for.

How did you come up with integrating a mini bar into your shop?  It came from personal experience-my husband disappeared to a bar across the street while I was shopping once on vacation!  Aside from that I wanted the space to be very inviting and relaxing, and allow us to host parties and shows.


What are some of the lines that you are excited to carry?  I love that we are carrying lines that are new to the area such as For Love & Lemons and Skivvies, Camilla, Fine Collection, Hunter Bell, Howe and local and regional jewelry lines such as Kate Davis and eNewton.

With so many clothing and accessory brands out there, how do you decide who you want to carry?
The brand has to fit our target market of 25-45.  It has to feel sophisticated and timeless.  I like the pieces to feel a little different, set apart, whether it’s from a color, fabric, or style perspective.]


How long have you been living in Charleston?
I moved to Charleston 7 years ago from 2 year stints in NYC, Atlanta, and growing up in Pittsburgh.

How has Charleston inspired you?  Charleston has become more eclectic, from it’s creative chefs to beautiful architecture, and the shopping and Charleston Style are just getting in on the action.  I love that one day you could be dressing for a beach day, to an oyster roast, to an upscale fundraiser or art gala…  You get to constantly play with different looks.

What do you love the most about living in Charleston?  The weather and the people are some of the greatest I’ve ever experienced.  It’s hard to have a bad day with all of this beauty around you!




Mosa Boutique