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Kid and parent friendly restaurants can be tough to find downtown, but Parlor Deluxe is one of those exceptions.  Known for their gourmet hot dogs, fancy tater tots and artisanal ice cream, this place is a hit with both kids and adults.  Right before school started Libby Williams of Plate South invited me and my boys for a lunch date.  The retro cool spot on the corner of Spring and St. Phillip is the perfect place to go if you need some delicious food on the fly.  As you parents know, getting food quick for your kids is necessary.

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I was excited to sport my new favorite skirt made out of African wax print by Francis & Benedict. They’re a local company that supports the community of Togo, Africa by giving women jobs as seamstresses so they can support their families.  I’ve been sporting my Yas Kween necklace pretty much everyday and it’s made by local jewelry designer Natalie Clapp of Silkbone Jewels.  I always get a laugh or a smile when people see me wear it.  I never knew how much I needed a pair of navy shoes until I got these BC Footwear lace up heels.  They’ll be making lots of appearances on my blog in the next few months.

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Since I don’t eat real hotdogs I opted for the “Not Dog” which is a cooked carrot topped with a mushroom chili, cheese, and a green garnish.  This little number always hits the spot!  My boys got regular dogs, but the bun they serve it on is anything but ordinary.  Mateo and Sebastian got the Cookie Monster ice cream which had Oreos and cookie dough in it.  Pretty much a home run with any kid if they like cookies and ice cream.

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I don’t know where I find the room, but I went for the Blackberry + Poppyseed and Fig + Lemongrass ice cream.  So worth it!

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No food shoot would be complete without some behind the scenes pics with my phone.  This fun iphone case is by Stone by Stone at Dandy Boutique.

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I’m one of those boring people where once I find my dish on the menu, I have to order it every time I go back. I’m looking forward to having my carrot dog again soon but I might venture out and have the Cookie Monster ice cream for myself at Parlor Deluxe.

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Tank top from Shirtini // African wax print skirt $68 by Francis & Benedict // Gudli beaded necklace $35 from Roberta Roller Rabbit // Yas Kween custom necklace $40 by Silkbone Jewels // Beaded bracelet by Chavez for Charity $11 from Henry & Eva // Elwood Grid watch by Christian Paul$199 // Custom diamond rings by Ash Hoffman // Bar Ring $150 and Triangle Ring $150 by Naked Eyes Jewelry // Rae earrings by Half United $35 from Be the Change Boutique // Vivacious Dress Pump in Indigo $28.46 by BC Footwear from Amazon // Sunglasses $18 and Stone by Stone iphone case $85 from Dandy Boutique // Lipstick in Some Like it Hot by ABP makeup $22

Photography by Libby Williams

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Parlay Deluxe