Red Rose Vintage

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Photography by Clifford Pate and Jacob Cleveland, hair/makeup/clothing/and styling by Red Rose Vintage, model – Farah Sadeghi

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Photography by Clifford Pate,  hair and makeup provided by Meg Ann Workman and Red Rose Vintage at the Elysium Agency, clothing and styling provided by Red Rose Vintage,  and model – Ariah Geilhausen.

Being a vintage dealer, consists more than knowing what’s in style now and the current trends, but they have to know what’s cool from any decade.  Amy Rose Walter of Red Rose Vintage has that instinctual eye, and styling skills to make a Beavis and Butthead tank top look chic.  The excess of everything in the 80’s is Amy’s favorite style era, and inspires her to take fashion risks. This former Karaoke host from San Diego now calls Charleston home and is excited for the future of of fashion here locally.  I was intrigued to do a little Q & A with Amy Rose Walter to peek inside her life of vintage.

What is your favorite era of fashion? The eighties were an era of extreme experimentation. The designers in this decade were taking the basic structure of a garment and altering its elements to the max.  I like to consider the eighties the biggest revolution in fashion history. It was unlike any era that came before. Every piece made a big time statement, in fact, I feel like the motto in the eighties fashion world was “the bigger the better. “ I mean, who can forget the big hair, the big sunglasses, the big shoulders, and the big poofy prom dresses?  I feel like wearing garments from the eighties takes the most guts because they are so different from any other era.  I’m a big risk taker when it comes to style, so I would have to say the eighties for sure!

 Who are your style icons?  My ultimate style icon is Edie Sedgwick hands down, but I love keeping up with what Alexa Chung and the Olsen’s are always wearing because they are big fans of vintage and are always finding ways to bring old fashions back to life.

 Where is your favorite city to thrift?  The only time I go to a thrift store is if I am looking for clothes for my own closet, I don’t shop at thrift stores for the store, but if I had to pick, I’d say I have found some really cool gems in my old stomping ground San Diego.

What has been your favorite find?  The coolest thing I have ever found was this high cut eighties one piece bathing suit. It has tigers and lions all over it and it looks good on everyone that puts it on. When I found it I almost cried and remember running up to my friend and saying “someone must have died because nobody would ever get rid of this.” I’ll never sell it but have used it for outfitting in the past.

 What was the toughest piece to part with?  Everything is tough to part with. I have so much love for clothes with history and love every single thing in the Red Rose Vintage collection. Many of the pieces have travelled with me in and out of different studios, apartments, closets, and quite a few of them even made it through my journeys across the country.

What item of clothing and accessory can’t you live without?  As far as clothing goes, I can’t live without a good pair of high-waisted shorts.  I wear them all year round rain, shine, snow or sand.  I also can’t live without a good pair of lace up ankle booties. I feel like it gives girly dresses and pretty blouses a bit of an edge.

What do you think of the style in Charleston?  I think the style in Charleston is very different from any place I have ever lived.  I feel like I don’t see a lot of diversity in style as I walk through the streets of Downtown, and it surprises me with all of the great designers and shops King Street has to offer. I think with the growing popularity of Charleston Fashion Week and the newly added fashion degree programs being offered at the Art Institute of Charleston, new talent will continue to pop up every day, and new styles will continue to hit the streets and inspire the people!